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  • 1-Gored-gored- Cubed marinated in mitmita seasoned with Ethiopian spices and butter. Served raw unless you request to be cooked more, served raw unless requested to be cooked mildly with injera

  • 2- Doro-wot- Tender chicken marinated in lemon, Sautéed in butter, and stewed in a Red pepper sauce, Onions, ginger, Served with injera, and a mixture of Cottage cheese and collard green, $10.05

  • 3- Kitfo-Finely minced lean beef marinated in mitmita, seasoned with Ethiopian spices and butter, served with injera. Served raw unless you request to be cooked more
    $ 11.00

  • 4- Tibes-Tender pieces of meat sautéed with berbere, onions, green pepper and garlic. Finished with tomatoes sauce. Served with injera.
    $ 10.00

  • 5-Key- wot- Beef simmered in red pepper sauce, ginger root and garlic. Served with injera.

  • 6-Fish with your choice of three veggie.

  • 7-Kikil-formal cut ribs, meat bones and pieces of meat cooked with garlic onion; green pepper &lots of sup

  • 8-Kurt-Block cut of lean red meat served with awaze and injera
    $12. 07

    Can Soda

    Bottle Juice and Soda

    Mango and Guava box juice

    Mango and Guva Glass

  • 9- Veggie-Carrots, potato and onions sautéed with garlic and ginger. Served with injera.

  • 10- Pasta- Pasta noodles cooked aldente, and topped with a homemade meat sauce.

  • 11.Zilzil Tibs -Tender lean beef strips marinated in fresh garlic, sautéed with green peppers and onions.

  • 12.Goden Tibs - Riblets sautéed in oil seasoned with onions, black peppers, green peppers and rosemary.

  • 13.Dulet - Tripe, chopped red meat and liver, mixed with herbal butter, chili powder, onion, green pepper and ginger.

  • 14. Yawaze Tibs Cubes of selected beef sautéed with onion, garlic, tomato, seasoned red pepper sauce and seasoned butter. (Medium Spicy).

  • 15. Shalom Especial Tibs; succulent beef cubes marinated in special sauce sautéed with peppers, spices and onions

  • 16-Alichia-wot- Beef simmered in pure butter, onion, ginger, garlic and turmeric. Served with injera.
    $ 9.05

  • 17- Tikel Gomen-Fresh cabbage and onions sautéed with garlic and ginger. Served with injera. $8.34

  • 18- Kik-alichia- Yellow split peas cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and green pepper. Served on injera.

  • 19-- Combination- Key- wot and alichia-wot--$10.00

  • 20—Fitfir---Beef sautéed with onion green paper ,tomato and garlic served with injera $11.00

  • 21- Super combination-Choice of three veggies collard greens, veggie, cabbage, Kik-alichia, with key-wot, and alichia-wot

    $11.69 one person serving,

    $15.69 two persons serving

    $17.89 three persons serving


HOT Drinks



  • Espresso $1.73
  • Tea regular $1.00
  • Tea spicy $1.73
  • Milk $2.00
  • Coffee $1.00
  • De-caff $1.50
  • MGD, Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Light $2.82
  • All Imported beer/ $2.82
  • Ethiopian Beers $3.29
  • Ethiopian Beers $3.29
  • Ethiopian Wine per Bottle $13.00
  • Domestic wine per glass $4.00




  • Can Soda $1.00
  • Bottle Juice and Soda$ 1.85
  • Mango and Guava box juice$ 1.00
  • Mango and Guva Glass $2.50